Buying Secondhand: Saving Money Without Sacrificing Quality

When attempting to save money, people often don’t think about making secondhand purchases. There are plenty of used items that we all want or need that can be bought at a cheaper price. Just because these items are used, does not necessarily mean they are of poor quality. With a little hunting and luck, you can find what you’re looking for cheaper from someone else. Check yard sales, thrift stores, eBay, and craigslist to find exceptional deals. To get you started, here’s a list of the easiest items to find secondhand for cheap without sacrificing overall quality.


Power tool and hand tools alike are the perfect secondhand item. You can find used tools everywhere – craigslist, estate sales, yard sales, and thrift stores are just a few places. People sell or donate their tools for many reasons, but mostly it’s either they don’t have a use for them anymore or they need more space. Why buy brand new tools when someone is selling their tools for a fraction of the price?


Purchasing brand names and designer clothing is still possible for those who are frugal. Stores like Plato’s closet and various consignment shops are popping up all over. These store purchase gently used garments and sell them for a much cheaper price than the original retail cost. You won’t have an enormous selection like you would in the brand name stores, but you will be able to find things you’re looking for or love.


You should always buy a used car! Buying secondhand cars is immensely cheaper than buying new. If you look around enough, you can easily find used cars in new car condition. Bringing along a mechanic friend or someone who is good with cars is a good way to double check everything is in tip top shape. If it is, you’ll be driving away in a car that will last for years at a fraction of the price you were originally willing to pay.


People are constantly selling their used furniture. As people move or want to upgrade their houses, furniture is normally the first to go. Grabbing yourself used furniture saves a ton of money. Furniture, in general, is expensive, but even gently used furniture is not worth the same thing as when you bought it. Additionally, since most furniture is large and people don’t always have the storage for it, they practically give it away.

Sports Equipment

Need a new pair of golf clubs? Instead of dropping a fortune on a brand new set, check the internet first. Much like anything, when we upgrade for ourselves, we normally try to sell off the old. Sporting equipment is no different. People sell balls, gloves, bats, bikes, and everything else under the sun once they no longer have a use for it. Scoop up great secondhand finds for a low price without sacrificing quality.