About Raoul Fraser, Consultant at Caledon Capital Partners LLP

raoulfraser-wealthmanagement-imageRaoul Fraser is an accomplished financial services professional based in the United Kingdom with a growing presence in the renewable energy sector. Fraser served as a Wealth Manager with Goldman Sachs for over 10 years and currently sits as the Director on a number of renewable energy projects throughout Scotland and the United Kingdom.

Raoul Fraser left his previous employer after 10 years where he helped run one of the largest wealth management teams in Europe, Middle East and Africa. He was personally responsible for over $2bn in assets across a client base of some of the leading entrepreneurs and family businesses. He had a mixture of both discretionary and advisory relationships and has a sophisticated understanding of financial markets.

In addition to Raoul’s wealth management expertise, he is the co-owner and Director of Alf Burn Hydro, in Inverness, Scotland. Alf Burn Hydro is a 100KW/H hydro scheme that was commissioned in January 2015. Raoul Fraser is also a director of Glassburn Hydro, which is currently undergoing construction which is expected to be commissioned next year.

Pragmatism is a key part of Raoul’s success thus far. He maintains a strict schedule to stay focused. He is able to do so by keeping all meetings, if necessary, to the early morning so that he has the rest of the day to focus on the work at hand. His work ethic and dedication comes in part from his parents. They instilled in him the importance of hard work and appreciation of money.

Raoul Fraser looks forward to growing the number of renewable projects in the UK and abroad. He is actively looking at countries like the US, Australia, and continental Europe.